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The Importance of Traveling

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Managers that are actively marketing their funds must be willing and able to travel domestically and internationally to effectively canvass the global investor universe. Managers that are committed to meeting investors will have the most success raising capital because these managers are not limiting themselves to a small circle of friends and contacts. The world […]

Tips on E-Mail Marketing

Gabriel Berkowitz

An effective e-mail marketing campaign can help fund marketers identify prospects, introduce funds to investors, improve road trips, and eventually secure allocations. Increasingly, investors have mentioned to BHA analysts that they often prefer fund managers to make initial contact via e-mail. So it seems pertinent to discuss some tips and techniques that help make an […]

Hitting the Road

Ryan Cunningham

The fourth quarter is always an important one for institutional investors and fund managers, however, it is particularly so this year. Due to the global economic crisis, many investors have put off researching funds and many managers have felt the pinch. However, with global markets in the midst of a historic upswing, and the end […]

Follow Up Calls Pave Road to Allocations

Grisha Maziya

In today’s convoluted and noisy marketplace, connecting with an investor can seem like an impossible task. Calls and e-mails can go unreturned week after week, and sometimes month after month. Fund marketers are often discouraged by this initial hurdle, but getting past this obstacle is what leads to success and ultimately allocation dollars. And that […]

Staying Busy Throughout the Summer

Ryan Cunningham

Traditionally, the alternative industry grinds to a halt during the summer months. By July, most investor firms have lost about half of their staff to vacation, and many high-level executives or decision makers rarely are in the office. As a result, the summer has traditionally been a slow time of year for to raising assets. […]

The Importance of Relationship Building

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As the second quarter comes to an end, more and more investors have been emphasizing the importance of relationship building. As many anticipate making allocations during the first half of 2010, investors are eager to begin meeting and developing a rapport with alternative fund managers. Typically it takes investors six to twelve months to meet […]