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My Personal Reason For Walking

Join Us in Supporting the Boston Marathon Jimmy Fund Walk

As some of you know, my youngest son Brody (3 1/2) was recently diagnosed with childhood leukemia.  The good news is that they are now familiar with this disease and it is treatable.  The bad news is that the treatment process is grueling and can last up to two years.  At only 3 1/2, Brody is a "little dude" and this is confusing and scary for him.

In addition, it is scary and grueling for the rest of my family.  Dana-Farber has made the process more manageable for both Brody and my family. For example, they had a family birthday party at the hospital so Brody could participate while he was hospitalized early in his treatment.  

They have gone out of their way to be helpful and optimistic through this process.  I would like to pay it forward and help raise funds to support their ongoing research and efforts to be there for the families in addition to the patient's treatment process.   Please donate if you are able.  For me, this is personal.  Thank you.  - Dan McDermott